International Woodwork Fair (WMF 2024), one of the Asia’s largest and professional woodworking machinery exhibitions, will be held in September 2024 again in National Exhibition and Convention Center (known as “NECC”), Shanghai, China. Innovative machinery and technologies for furniture and wood products manufacturing will be showcased. Over 370 exhibitors gathered in WMF 2022 and showcase a wide array of furniture production and woodworking machinery and technologies, including machinery for custom and mass Production, automation technology, wood based panel production, wood primary processing, sawmill technology, wooden architecture technology, green production & safety control, wood products packaging, etc.

Discover Cutting-Edge Full Line Solutions & Materials

In the face of challenges in the home furnishing industry, China International Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair (Shanghai) (WMF) has been committed to driving the industry to strive forward, leading the intelligent and innovative home furnishing production technology. The exhibition will showcase how new technologies and applications make furniture production more precise, efficient, environmentally friendly, and meet consumers' demand for personalization.

  As an important hub for home furnishing full line solutions and materials, WMF gathers crucial process links in the industrial chain, from initial wood processing, panel board, panel furniture, solid wood, surface treatment, finishing technologies, to home furnishing materials. Discover, learn, and understand how these innovations can be practically applied in real-world settings.

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