Consent Letter for Processing Personal Data
Personal Information in this Consent Letter refers to all kinds of information related to the identified or identifiable natural persons that is recorded by electronic or other means, excluding the information processed anonymously.
1. Pursuant to relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of public safety, public health and epidemic prevention, we require all visitors to register using their true identity information. You consent to provide us the below information:
1) Identity information: Name, ID number (Identity card), Company name, Job title, Department, Business Scope, Location and etc;
2) Contact information: Mobile number, phone number, email address, wechat ID, etc;
3) Biometric information: facial information, etc;
4) Whereabouts at event venue.
2. The purpose of processing your personal information include but not limited to:
1) Set up turnstile or access control system at the exhibition venue for traffic control, safety and security;
2) Analyse and record visitor number and visitor traffic flow;
3) Manage safety and hygiene at the exhibition;
4) Urgent danger prevention in the event of visitor safety concerns or significant property damage;
5) Internal and external contact (Supplier or business partners);
6) Other legal business activities or in compliance with laws and regulations.
3. We will process your personal information including but not limited to the following ways: collect, store, duplicate, use, transfer, provide, release, delete, read, analyse and etc.
4. To provide particular services for the exhibitions, we may need to engage third-parties to process your information, including sensitive personal information as defined by the law.
5. You have consented that for the above purposes, in limited and specified necessity, your information may be provided to our related companies, legal counsel, financial advisor or other agencies to process.
6. We shall process your sensitive personal information, including but not limited to: 1) Biometric information, our security camera may record your facial information; 2) Whereabouts at event venue; 3) Identity information, your ID card or passport.
Sensitive personal information is used only to the extent necessary, and will be deleted once the registered event end.
7. According to Personal Information Law, you have the right to access, duplicate, supplement, correct your personal information stored with us. You may retrieve your consent to processing your personal information but activities prior to your retrieval shall remain valid. You may submit your request by emailing us at
Unless otherwise permitted by law, we shall process your information according to the above content.
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