Technology WATCH

For over 30 years, WMF has long been a must-visit event for enterprises from woodworking machinery, furniture and wood products industry to obtain latest market information. Entering the post-pandemic era, WMF quickly responds to the era changes with advanced technology. It efficiently connects exhibitors and buyers, allowing professional visitors to get access to the information of high efficient and practical equipment and technologies in the industry as well as market trends without time restriction and geographical constraints.

Wood Talks

Episode 1:Biesse Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 7.1D46

Episode 2:Nanxing Machinery Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 8.1C21

Episode 3:Weinig (Yantai) Woodworking Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No.: 7.1D20

Episode 4:Guangdong Han's Yueming Laser Group Co.,Ltd.

Booth No.: 7.1D02

Episode 5:Shanghai Chaolun Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Booth No.: 7.1D46

Wood Tech Vlog

【Surface Treatment Technology】Shanghai Rocky Adhesives Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 8.1A50

【Upholstered Furniture Production】Guang Zhou ITTA Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 7.1E51

【Furniture Production】Nanxing Machinery Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 8.1C21

【Furniture Production】HOMAG China

Booth No.: 7.1A21

【Upholstered Furniture Production】Guangzhou Lianrou Machinery &Equipment Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 7.1C51

【Furniture Production】Weinig Group

Booth No.: 7.1D20

【Furniture Production】Guangdong Shunde Changsheng Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd

Booth No.: 8.1D18

【Furniture Production】Biesse Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 7.1D46

【Wood-based Panel Technology】Sufoma Machinery Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 7.1C30

【Upholstered Furniture Production】Zhejiang Huajian Intelligent Equipment Ltd

Booth No.: 7.1B60

【Furniture Production】Jiangsu Zhongzhi Automation Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 7.1D27

【Surface Treatment Technology】Guangdong Richfruits Coating Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 8.1C19

【Upholstered Furniture Production】Shanghai Baiqimai Digital Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 7.1D52

【Surface Treatment Technology】GUANGDONG PURETE MECHANICAL CO.,LTD.

Booth No.: 7.1E22

【Furniture Production】Jinan Singhui Cnc Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth No.: 8.1D21

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