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Enter the age of 5G: the Upgraded Digitalization and Automation of Woodworking Industry
Publish Date: 2022/04/26
With the rising cost of labour and raw materials and the epidemic’s impact, the furniture manufacturing industry is paying more and more attention to "smart manufacturing" solutions that reduce costs and save resources. Traditional furniture factories employ hundreds of workers to handle each component, such as: sorting, repairing defects, grinding, etc. This labour-intensive process can be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI), which allows data to be taken from various processes, analyzed and processed using data platforms, and then automatically updated and improved on any further transactions. This process will reduce labour costs and human error, increase output, and allow manufacturers to become more flexible in their production.

This year's Shanghai International Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair (WMF 2022) covers a wide range of woodworking machinery, including many exhibitors specialising in intelligent production and providing intelligent equipment. It is the first to introduce exhibitors in various fields and bring new impacts to the wood industry.

Smart Factory Overall Solution
Nanxing Machinery Co. Ltd. focuses on furniture equipment manufacturing and research and development. In terms of furniture production, they have intelligent workstations and production lines, which organically combine the various processes of the production line (cutting, edge sealing, drilling, etc.). As a result, buyers can monitor the equipment’s status and the workpiece’s processing process in real-time, complete the real-time data exchange between modules, and finally manage the production progress and production tasks reasonably, which can reduce costs and shorten the production cycle.

HOMAG CHINA uses iShare, management software for automating furniture production, which is an Internet-based, loosely related business application suite that provides practical control from sales to production and reproduction for the panel furniture industry. From the one-stop business model to delivery, iShare has also expanded to other business areas such as dealer management and supply chain management according to the market’s needs. In addition, Homag China also uses the cutting plan optimization software CutRite, which is mainly used in the cutting process of furniture production to optimize the preparation of the cutting plan for the board to achieve the maximum utilization rate of the board and greatly reduce the production cost of customers.

Custom Furniture CNC Equipment
Guangdong CNC Machinery Co., LTD mainly produces CNC panel furniture production equipment, which can be applied to panel furniture manufacturers, such as cabinets, wardrobes, office furniture, hotel furniture, solid wood furniture, etc. Currently, the main products are SKD series intelligent woodworking drilling and milling machining centre (CNC five-sided drilling / CNC six-sided drilling), CNC drilling unmanned production line equipment (CNC six-sided drilling, etc.), SDE series automatic high-speed edge banding machine and production line, SE1, 2 series edge banding machine, SK series CNC panel saw, SKL series CNC labelling & plate processing centre, SW-400 series push table saw, DW series row drilling machine, etc.

The main products include six-drill, automatic paste-drill, double-position, gantry machining centre, industrial line mechanical drawing machine, machining centre, intelligent machining surface machining centre, intelligent machining surface machining centre, etc. They also provide the overall solutions for custom furniture production and integrate customization into the production ranks.

Solid wood CNC equipment
Their main products include precision angle sawing machine, precision push table circular sawing machine, universal high-speed circular sawing machine, precision inclined circular sawing machine, panel furniture combination machine, single-axis vertical woodworking milling machine, panel saw, universal abrasive belt polishing machine, tenoning machine, etc. Among them, the equipment of the automatic assembly machine is combined with the intelligent control system. After receiving the signal, the instruction can be sent to each part of the equipment to make the equipment operate. In addition, each assembled equipment has been equipped with various sensor devices, which can be used to monitor the operation status of the equipment anytime and anywhere. As a result, it can issue the instructions to each department.

Panel / Finger Joint Equipment
The high-frequency palletizing machine developed by the company uses crawler belts to convey materials. Only one person is required to operate it, and it uses a one-button automatic palletizing process to save manpower. It also has an automatic fault alarm to display the location and cause of the fault. As a result, it takes only 60 to 200 seconds to solidify the glue in production. In addition, the solid wood bending equipment can produce curved wood parts without joints, retaining the natural texture and colour of the wood.

The company has all kinds of high-frequency stitching machines and related splicing production line equipment, such as high-frequency plane helicopter stitching machines (push type/push type), automatic high-frequency stitching production line equipment, automatic high-frequency stitching production line equipment, and high frequency inclined plane puzzle machine, etc.

Surface treatment technology
They mainly provide innovative coating products and application systems for the automobile manufacturing industry and general industry. For example, airbrush technology to replace hand brushes for painting furniture and automobiles can help improve manufacturers' productivity.

They specialize in the production of surface coating equipment, with their own technical and after-sales engineer team, integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. It can provide scientific, rigorous and applicable production processes and equipment according to the actual production needs of customers. As a result, it can achieve the best coating effect for customers and solve environmental pollution, low efficiency and high production cost in the coating process.

Guangdong Richfruits Coating Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2003. It is a technical service enterprise that provides intelligent coating solutions, integrating program design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and application services. The company's leading products are plane coating equipment series, automatic painting equipment series, paint drying equipment series, robot application series, and automation series, according to different substrates, coatings and processes. In addition, they have developed and produced a variety of environmentally friendly, efficient and high-quality intelligent coating production lines. They have 19 products that have obtained Chinese patent rights.

With the opening of the registration platform, more outstanding wood industry manufacturers will join WMF 2022 one after another to exhibit brand-new intelligent machines. Pay close attention to the latest information about the Shanghai International Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair. From the 5th to 8th September 2022, we will meet you all at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center!

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