Event Schedule

Technical seminars, new products & technology releases will be organized concurrently with CIFFWMF2019, offering the industry player worthwhile business networking opportunities and an effective technologies exchange platform.

Energization via smart manufacturing and design

Facing the changing industry development, along with the shifts of consumer demand and preference, manufacturers and the furniture enterprises are pushed to explore new ways of creating and capturing value. Experts and exhibitors will be invited to share the cutting-edge technology and product information through an open forum.

The activity will focus on furniture and woodworking manufacturing technology, e.g. mass production, new surface technology, new upholstery machinery and other popular topics of the industry. Speakers will raise practical problems and provide integrated solutions and real case study on different scenario.

TECH TALK (I) – Surface Treatment Technology
2019.09.08 | 13:00-17:00 | Hall 7.1, 7.1F20

TECH TALK (II) – Upholstery and CAD/CAM Technology
2019.09.09 | 13:30-15:30 | Hall 7.1, 7.1F20


China Wood Industry Park and Port Industry Development Conference

In 2019, China's wood industry parks and wood industry ports are affected by factors such as industrial upgrading, environmental protection and international trade. The industries are facing new challenge in terms of environmental protection, investment attraction and supply chain interoperability. In order to leading the industry to a green and sustainable development, China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association and China National Forestry Machinery Association jointly organized "China Wood Industry Park and Port Industry Development Conference" at Shanghai on 9 September 2019.

2019.09.09 | 13:30-17:00 | Conference Room C0-02, 3/F, Office Building C


Forum on Furniture and Materials Advanced Manufacturing Technology

With the national efforts in building ecological civilization, the increasing eco-awareness of consumer and the deepening stage of "Made in China 2025", the greener production, aldehyde-free adhesives, green finishing materials and related technology have been innovated with upsurging demand. Products with low pollution, low cost, high efficiency and high quality are appeared increasingly. A high-end forum focusing on advanced manufacturing technology for wood-based panels and furniture production is about to open.

2019.09.10 | 09:30-17:00 | Conference Room C0-02, 3F, Office Building C


China National Forestry Machinery Association 6th Session of Second Council Meeting, 1st Session of Second Board of Supervisors Meeting

2019.09.07 | 13:30-17:30 | Shanghai Delightel Hotel


China National Forestry Machinery Association Forestry & Woodworking Machinery Annual Conference and Group Standard Project Review Meeting

2019.09.08 | 13:30-17:00 | Conference Room M7-02


Siempelkamp Press Conference

2019.09.09 | 10:00-12:00 | Conference Room M7-02

Putonghua & English

Online registration deadline: 2019.09.01

*The organizers reserve the rights to amend and terminate the events at any time without prior notice. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of the organizers.