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Scheuch:“We Are Technology for Clean Air” -Interview with Mr. Thomas Kreuzhuber, Head of Sales (Panels Industry)
Publish Date: 2018/07/30


In view of the gradual tightening of environment protection laws and emission standards in China, how does Scheuch help the wood based panel industry to meet production requirements?
Innovative air and environmental technology for industrial applications has been in Scheuch's stock for 50 years. While sharing the same business experiences with the wood panel manufacturers in China, we work closely with our customers to provide all the reliable support we could in rendering solutions. Not only do we produce high-quality products used in exhaust gas cleaning for dryer exhaust air, we also take pride in our expertise in developing new individual concepts and innovative engineering solutions to serve the changing needs of our customers.

Scheuch´s advanced wet electrostatic precipitator with integrated self-cleaning, fresh water saving and depluming system for dryer emission cleaning.

As a world renowned player in the industry, how would you interpret the positioning of China market in Scheuch’s global development plan?
China market has always been part of Scheuch’s global development strategy. It was exemplified several years ago through the collaboration between company GTS – Gate to steel and Mr, Meng (the official representative of Scheuch in China for wood based panel industry). The tie provided our customers a platform for professional contacts and views exchange. This has never stopped since then.

The rise in the environmental technology applications in China wood based panel industry has been notably remarkable with the proven success of the strategy. This could only bring in further collaborations, to see a wider reception of the importance of China market in our global plan.

General managers Jörg Jeliniewski and Stefan Scheuch

How can “Industry 4.0” manifest in the air cleaning and dedusting industry?
Being a leader in solution concepts and technologies, we are committed to develop innovative products to meet customers’ needs. Digitization of Scheuch products has given us the edge in delivering both a user-friendly and flexible operation to our customers where energy and cost savings can be achieved.

What makes WMF an ideal exhibition event? And your expectations out of this year’s show?
It is the first time our wood based panel division takes part at a trade fair in China. We have been hearing praises and positive feedback about WMF from key players and our Chinese customers in the industry, both returning and new. We don’t want to miss out on the show. 

What new exhibits and technologies will Scheuch bring to WMF 2018? Are we going to see any new products?
Whether you’re looking for solutions related to particle board, MDF, OSB or fibre insulation boards, we offer a full range of air and exhaust gas cleaning products for everything involved in board production. Our experts will also be sharing their insight on the latest development of air and environmental technology.