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Nanxing: We offer intelligent production and total solutions to custom furniture industry
Publish Date: 2018/07/23

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Compared to other Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment, how does Nanxing excel in a competitive market as it is?
Our CNC equipment is hugely acknowledged with the following merits:
  1. full functioning and stable performance;
  2. high level of accuracy and speed in processing
  3. easy operation and maintenance
  4. convenient pairing between multiple functions and systems

As the demand for eco-friendly furniture is growing rapidly among customers, how does the woodworking machinery and furniture manufacturing industry improve their products in this regard? Any new eco-friendly materials that are catching the market’s attention?
Woodworking machinery plays an increasingly vital role in the eco-friendly topic in the furniture industry. We strive to improve our equipment in dust removal performance in order to reduce pollution. Coupled with a better choice of accessories in noise-reduction during manufacturing process, we hope to bring an eco-pleasant workplace to all those involved.

Assembly center

The furniture industry is facing a labor shortage issue as we see a 40% manpower downfall in 2018, what can be done to attract new talents to the industry? And what kind of qualities do they have to possess?
Intelligent technologies and automation development is the future for furniture manufacturing industry. Given the same production capacity, we expect to see an increase in better efficiency while reducing the manpower involved. Having said that, new talents remain to be an important resource for us.

Computer panel high speed saw NPC330

Why do you choose to exhibit at WMF? Any expectations from this year’s show?
We participate in WMF every year and see it as a top-rated fair to promote our company and products. We are pleased to have this opportunity to showcase our latest technologies and promoted items, to better understand our customers and other players to gear up a steady growth. We wish this show every success.

What new exhibits and technologies will Nanxing bring to WMF 2018? Are we going to see any new products?
We will be showing the latest applications of intelligent technologies in plate-type furniture. Meet us at the show!