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EXCITECH: Leading & Innovative –smarter, faster and more cost-efficient - Interview with Mr. Liu Zhong Hua, Sales Manager of EXCITECH
Publish Date: 2018/07/16

Booth no.: 8.1C30

What are the challenges entrepreneurs face entering the custom furniture industry in China these days? What’s the overall competition like in the ongoing changing market? What do you see are EXCITECH’s most impressive strengths to dates?
Some of the challenges we see are:
  1. A company’s ability in research and design-like programs
  2. Company branding and promotion thereafter
  3. Setting up a sales mechanism
  4. The level of professional management and human resources

On market competition front, the rapid expansion of the custom furniture industry and its promising prospect have attracted a large number of potential new players in the front gate, thus fueling an already competitive market. Coupled with a growing interest of consumers in bespoke furniture, pricing alone is no longer a deal breaker for them, what they are looking for now is a full spectrum of company brand, product design, network, services, management and the scale of an enterprise, that’s why we are seeing an upsurge in market share from mid-to-high end enterprises, as in the case of custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

Having gained a solid years of experience in developing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery tools, EXCITECH takes pride in offering a full range of solutions and intelligent technologies in automated production line, helping the custom furniture enterprises to improve profit margins and increase productivity while maintain quality.

Intelligent automated production line

As the demand for eco-friendly furniture is rising among customers, how does the woodworking machinery and furniture manufacturing industry improve their products in this regard? Any new eco-friendly materials that are catching the market’s attention?
For every sector in the furniture manufacturing chain to be able to achieve a green and eco-friendly production, it takes the concerted effort of the government and the industry itself to introduce policy and guidelines in order to reach this common goal. 

We have noticed some of the new materials in the market, say for example furniture made with aluminum alloy, artificial jade and other materials made from synthetic materials, but we are uncertain if they are up to the environmental protection standards we have in mind.

As a solution provider of intelligent unmanned technology in custom furniture industry, how does EXCITECH see the importance of human talents?
Intelligent production is the trend and the future for custom furniture industry. Having said that, human talents remain to be the determining factor to the industry’s success. We need many more professionals in areas like product design, production management, equipment maintenance and etc. Enterprises should focus on sourcing and retaining new talents to embrace the forthcoming changes.

Nesting solution with automatic pre-labeling

According to the latest analysis, 120 million households will be using smart home products and services by 2021, reaching a market size totaling at 436.9 billion yuan and taking up 25% of the world market. How would you comment on this trend? In what ways does the woodworking machinery industry facilitate the growth of the smart furniture industry?
Spurred on by the rapid development of artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things), we will see smart home as the next big growth point for furniture manufacturing enterprises. However, what is smart home? What are these products? We have yet to reach a direction and standard in the market.

That being said, woodworking machinery industry will continue to work hand-in-hand with custom furniture enterprises in bringing a far-ranging manufacturing equipment that will meet their new standard in craftsmanship and production needs.

Why do you choose to exhibit at WMF? Any expectations from this year’s show?
We partake in WMF every year for its trend-setting influence in the industry and the high volume of international visitors. We yearn to see an ongoing fruitful platform garnering a synergy of technology, industry leaders and professional participants. We wish to see every success in it.

What new exhibits and technologies will EXCITE bring to WMF 2018? Are we going to see any new products?
We will be displaying our latest intelligent automated production line for the custom furniture industry. We look forward to seeing you as usual at our booth this year.