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Mr. Piergiorgio Franca, Chief Executive Officer of Biesse China Mr. Ken Liu, Director of Sandar Mr. Yonghe Yao, President of Yuton Mr. Addie Kwan, Managing Director of Homag China
Mr. Xiangfei Liu, Managing Director of Weinig (Yantai) Mr. Eric Liu, General Manager of Unisunx Mr. Lide Zhao, President of Linze WMF 2016
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BIESSE: We think globally, but we act locally.
-Interview with Mr. Piergiorgio Franca, Chief Executive Officer of Biesse China

Booth No.:8B70

1. "Intelligent manufacturing" has become manufacturing industry's key focus. How does BIESSE meet the actual needs of today's Chinese furniture manufacturing enterprises?

Intelligent Manufacturing is a very important issue since the last year worldwide. BIESSE wants to play a leading role in China, so that we export to China and also develop in China. Our solution for the Chinese Manufacturer has a target to satisfy the customer needs in China. With our flexibility and high variety in term of solution and design of furniture, BIESSE can support them to develop the skill of local manufacturer, giving them the tools to be successful in China and in export.

2. How does BIESSE support the Chinese wooden door manufacturing enterprises to upgrade their production equipment & technology?

We are in China since many years, but now we have decided to improve our present. We are bringing expertise from overseas and new technology that we successfully sold in America. In order to give our potential and existing customers new type of solutions , and to be competitive internally in China and also for export.

Our main competitors actually are foreign or overseas groups, like German and Italian groups. Now on the entry level, medium level sized are coming up, also Chinese Manufacturers. But our technology that is well tested overseas is a step ahead. And we are trying to improve every process in each technology in order to give a turnkey solution to the customers.

3. As one of the world’s leading players. What is the position of Chinese market in your Company's global development plan?

China is the top and first priority in the next 3 years of plans of BIESSE, we are putting in place very aggressive plan for China.

It’s strategically fundamental to be leader in China. In order to be leader in China, we want to hire the expertise here and have very strong sales and service network. We need to open new branches all over China. We have opened now the head office in the South of China Dongguan together with our manufacturing plants. We have our existing office in Shanghai. And we added one more in Beijing in the last week. And this helps us to cover well all China.

In addition, we will try and implement our cooperation with our local business partner, so that we really think globally, but we act locally.

4. What do you expect from Beijing Woodwork Fair 2016?  What new equipment and technology will be showcased?

WMF 2016 is very important for us. We have just opened our office in Beijing. The Beijing area is one area where solid wood is being processed since many years and is one of our strategic areas. We wanted to invest in the new technology for solid wood in Beijing. At WMF 2016, we will showcase the CNC machine model Rover Gold that has a very flexible composition and possibility. And the BIESSE sanding machine that equipped for solid wood. WMF 2016 is at the region to our office just opened. And this gives opportunity to us to help our customers to have more efficient process.

Sandar:There will be a greater demand in green production technologies in future.
- Interview with Mr. Ken Liu, Director of Sandar

Guangdong Sandar CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 8B40

1. Customized furniture currently accounts for 10% of market share in the Chinese furniture market. As demand for personalized furniture is increasing, its market potential is enormous. Can you share with us the current situation of furniture customization with CNC and automation machinery in China?

CNC and automation machineries play an important role in the production of customized furniture. Since personalized furniture becomes the main trend in the furniture business, demand on CNC and automation machineries increases accordingly.

The development of CNC woodworking machinery in China is still in its initial stage. Several leading enterprises started developing and producing CNC woodworking machinery and some of their quality products have already gained positive feedback from the markets and became competitive with overseas brands.

Those China-made CNC and automation machinery to be showcased in Beijing Woodwork Fair would definitely become a focal point in the market. It’s believed that the Chinese machinery is gradually tapping into the international high-end machinery market which is currently dominated by foreign brands.

2. In China, more and more consumers favor “Green” furniture made of “Sustainable” raw materials. How do the furniture makers response to this overwhelming trend in regard of new manufacturing technique and equipment?

In response to current public concerns on environment protection and increasing demand on green products, the Chinese Government has set a higher standard to regulate the manufacturing industry. It results in an increasing demand on sustainable raw materials as well as green production technologies in the furniture making industry.

Conventional furniture-making machineries are gradually replaced by intelligent and automated ones that have higher production efficiency and lower energy consumption.

3. How is Sandar CNC machinery more advantageous to their counterparts in the market?

Sandar, positioned its CNC machinery as high-tech, high quality and reliable. Sandar’s products are famous for their high efficiency, good quality and outstanding outlook. All product designs from Sandar are patented. Core technologies of Sandar’s software and hardware were developed by in-house development team. Continuous learning, creativity and innovation are the core values of Sandar’s R&D team. Sandar also incorporates the latest foreign technologies and experience in its own product design.

It’s strategically fundamental to be leader in China. In order to be leader in China, we want to hire the expertise here and have very strong sales and service network. We need to open new branches all over China. We have opened now the head office in the South of China Dongguan together with our manufacturing plants. We have our existing office in Shanghai. And we added one more in Beijing in the last week. And this helps us to cover well all China.

In addition, we will try and implement our cooperation with our local business partner, so that we really think globally, but we act locally.

4. Why Sandar exhibits in Beijing Woodwork Fair 2016?

Beijing Woodwork Fair is a professional trade platform renowned for its effective and powerful promotional effect in the woodworking industry in China. We ride on this platform to better showcase and promote our products and services. We expect to collect more market intelligence and explore more collaboration with potential business partners.

5. What kind of new equipment and technologies from Sandar will be showcased in Beijing Woodwork Fair 2016?

Sandar will showcase the latest CNC cutting machines, automated edge banding machines, CNC drilling machines for panel furniture making and so forth. Through Sandar’s on-site demonstration, clients can also have a better understanding on the maximized production result when CNC machines are connected with smart production & design system.

6. As global economy is under adjustment, China’ role as world’s factory is gradually reforming. How does Lunjiao Woodworking Machinery Association assist its members adapting to the fast-changing business environment?

50% of overseas woodworking machineries are fully automated while less than 10% of which in China are automated. Manufacturers of traditional woodworking machinery are now facing serious overproduction problem due to fierce market competition.

Lunjiao Woodworking Machinery Association continuously promotes the idea of healthy business development and encourages local companies to keep abreast with latest and advanced technologies from foreign enterprises, particularly those with higher quality and production efficiency, in order to improve and upgrade their own products.

Yuton:A stable real estate market is definitely beneficial to the development of wooden door industry.
- Interview with Mr. Yonghe Yao, President of Yuton

Shanghai Yuetong Woodworking Machine Equipment Co. Ltd
Booth No.: 8A55

1. According to the survey conducted by National Bureau of Statistics of the PRC, "rising housing price" and "transaction rebound" have become the core focuses in the first half of 2015. People are optimistic towards the sustainable development of real estate market. The current real estate market in China is quite stable, what are the impacts on wooden door manufacturers and woodworking equipment companies?

A stable real estate market is definitely beneficial to the development of wooden door industry. Under the planning of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC, the residential construction area will exceed 120 billion m2 in 2020. The average annual sales of commercial housing area will exceed 10 billion m2. In general, seven doors are needed for every 100m2 construction area. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, it’s expected that the average demand on wooden doors for new buildings in urban area will not be fewer than 70 million pieces per year. At present, residential area in China is around 140 billion m2. In general, renovation is carried out for every 15 years. Therefore, the average annual demand of wooden doors is not lower than 50 million pieces.

China's economy has entered a new normality, the wooden door industry will certainly developed with the irreversible trends of industrial upgrading and industrial consolidation in the next five to ten years. It offers enormous rooms for development to the wooden door equipment industry, particularly the automated equipment industry.

2. Facing fierce domestic and international market competition, as well as the challenges brought by industry 4.0 to the wooden door industry in China, how does Yuton fulfill customers’ demand on quality control, productivity enhancement and reduction of production costs?

As the sole professional wooden door equipment manufacturer in China, Yuetong has developed nearly 20 kinds of automated equipment dedicated for manufacturing two key parts of wooden doors, the door leaf and door frame, in recent years. To continue, Yuton has involved in most of the local technology transformation of wooden doors and shared the results brought by technological upgrade and automation.

We will continue focusing on the market segment of automated door fabricating equipment through in-depth market research in order to grasp customers’ needs accurately. We will also improve our R&D standard on doors production, as well as the integration ability of industry resources in the future.

We hope to project Yuetong as the solutions and services provider of wooden door automation and contribute more to China’s automotive door fabricating industry.

3. Beijing Forestry University and Yuton have jointly participated in the national scientific research project for forestry named“Wood Composite Door Mechanized Manufacturing and Pro-environment Painting Technical Research”, which was initiated by the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Research Institute of Wood Industry. The research was approved and highly appraised by the State Forestry Administration of the PRC in July. Could you please share some research results with us?

Yuton, collaborating with Beijing Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University, Northeast Forestry University and Meng Tian, took part in the “Wood Composite Door Mechanized Manufacturing and Pro-environment Painting Technical Research”which was led by the Research Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry. This was a major scientific research project under the 12th Five-Year Plan.

We completed the research of door frame corner processing technology and successfully incorporated such technique in the design of a newly invented wooden door frame corner CNC sawing & drilling machine. More than 80 machines have been sold already. Moreover, we have repeatedly received the laudation from the State Forestry Administration of the PRC. With this research platform, enterprises’ creativity was triggered and enhanced. Also, we realized that enterprises could take the lead for technology advancement and coming through with flying colors.

4. How was Yuton benefited from last edition of WMF? What are Yuton’s expectations towards the WMF 2016?

Yuton has been a loyal participant of WMF for many years, as it is the most international renowned and professional exhibition in the woodworking industry. We successfully promoted our products to entire China and the world through this platform. 15 companies, three of them were from Canada, Czech Republic and Singapore, have placed orders for our automatic production lines since last edition of WMF.

In 2016, Yuton will invite more local and international wooden door enterprises and woodworking machinery agents to visit the WMF.  We hope Adsale could better promote its exhibiting platform to the global market in order to maximize its influence in the international woodworking market.

5. What kind of new exhibits and technologies from Yuton will be showcased in Beijing Woodwork Fair 2016?

Adhered to our values of intelligence, flexibility, efficiency, green and connectivity, Yuton always support the woodworking industry players to upgrade and automate their production process. Therefore, Yuton is going to showcase the latest and innovative results on door leaf and door frame brought by smart production. We will also release a list of sophisticated smart production solutions tailored for multi-processing or single processing to our customers.

Homag China: Smart production has been leading the furniture manufacturing industry in China
- Interview with Mr. Addie Kwan, Managing Director of Homag China

Homag China Golden Field Ltd
Booth No.: 8A50

1. What is your view towards the general impression that Made-In-China 2025” is in fact the Chinese version of Industry 4.0”?

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of a country’s economy. As the birth rate slows down, China is losing her competitiveness in this sector due to diminishing labor force. “Made in China 2025”, has laid down the road map of China’s first ten-year plan in manufacturing industry.  Smart production is the essence of the Chinese-style “Industry 4.0” and it is realized via full integration of green production, computerization and industrialization. With such highly flexible prerequisite, mass production of customized products becomes possible. The manufacturing sector in China is now stepping up towards the direction of smart production with the aid of newly developed information communication technology.

2. Smart Production plays an important and directive role in upgrading the furniture making industry in China. How does Homag China facilitate its clients in stepping up with smart production?

In Ligna 2013, German Government officially announced the “Industry 4.0” strategy. Homag China, as Homag’s key partner in China, is striving to introduce innovative woodworking technologies and equipment from Germany to China.

Smart production has been leading the furniture manufacturing industry in China. To enable clients having a better understanding on fundamental software and technologies for smart production, Homag China has organized a number of business exchange tours for clients. With the aid of Homag China, some clients were able to bring in talents, software and machinery from Homag Germany for upgrading their production to intelligent ones.

In order to cope with technological advancement and synchronize with smart production, Homag China has built up a strong supporting team to develop database and production management software in reference to the unique structure and requirement of furniture making industry in China.

3. Last year, Homag China was awarded as “Top 10 Energy-saving Enterprises of Wooden Window Industry in China”. What does Homag China offer to assist construction industry to capture the business trend of energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development?  

Quality window is one of the vital parts in green building since it helps energy saving. Homag China has organized a number of field trips to those research institutes and business units in Europe for clients, aiming at business exchange on latest structure of solid wood window, relevant production technology and equipment. Homag China has also introduced various kinds of solid wood window to different Chinese markets in accordance with their unique weather condition and wind pressure so as to achieve the ultimate goal of energy-saving.

4. What kind of equipment and technology will Homag present in Beijing Woodwork Fair 2016?

Echoed with the theme of “Made-In-China 2025”, Homag China will showcase software and equipment tailored for furniture customization. The highlighted program includes a demonstration on how a software, namely “Woodshop”, incorporating the 3-D simulation and automatic cost calculation technologies in the design process of a wardrobe in order to match with clients’ requirements on space utilization. Homag will also demonstrate the completed wardrobe production cycle from design, order placement, production and packaging with the aid of software like WCC, CutRite and I-Share.

Weinig:Energy conservation should also be reflected in every production stage of building materials and parts.
- Interview with Mr. Xiangfei Liu, Managing Director of Weinig (Yantai)

Weinig (Yantai) Woodworking Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 8A01

1. What is your view towards the general impression that “Made-In-China 2025” is in fact the Chinese version of “Industry 4.0”?

Germany is in the transitional stage from industry 3.0 to 4.0. The general standard of China's manufacturing industry is uneven. Therefore, strengthening the industry foundation and upgrading the industry itself to catch up the high technological level of Industry 4.0 become two key focuses of “Made in China 2025”. To achieve these targets, the Chinese manufacturing industry should expedite the process of upgrading the production lines in order to solve the issue of overproduction.

 “Made in China 2025” not only emphasizes the strategy of smart production, but also the integration of innovation, business efficiency and green development. The ambitious strategy of “Made-In-China 2025” could only be realized with the backup of a completed legal system and technological advancement. So it’s expected that China could partially achieve “Industry 4.0” step-by-step and it takes a longer journey to complete the entire mission.

2. The Chinese Government is taking steps to achieve the strategy of “Made-In-China 2025”in which “smart and green production” is the key element. How does Weinig cope with clients’new demand in the industries of hardwood & flooring processing, as well as production of panel furniture?

To achieve “Made-in-China 2025” strategy, product customization and effective use of natural raw materials become two main concerns for the manufacturers in hardwood and flooring processing industry. The manufacturers have to maximize the product output with promising quality and minimize raw materials used in production. Maximize the utilization rate of raw materials is in fact a way to achieve environmental protection.

The process of upgrading hardwood processing industry is far more complex than similar process for other raw materials. Traditionally, carpenters craft tailor-made products in accordance with the unique characters and features of the raw materials. Smart production is expected to deliver similar customized products through in industrialization. The general raw material to product output ratio for the hardwood processing industry is below 1: 0.4. It’s also expected that the output quantity will be further increased by 10% to 20% through intelligent production.

3. China and the US have reached an agreement on reduction of carbon emission during the APEC meeting held in November 2014. China promised to peak its carbon emissions by 2030, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC proposed the strategy of “Energy conservation in construction” one month after the meeting. The proposal clearly set the objectives and missions of energy-saving in construction industry for the next 15 years and it becomes the main industry trend and gives rise to the businesses of energy-saving windows and doors. How does Weinig seize this opportunity and continue to lead the window and door business in China for further development?

We are pleased to see the breakthrough that the Chinese government strongly upholds the strategy of “energy conservation in construction” from the viewpoints of sustainable development and livelihood of its citizens. The Chinese government also realized that energy conservation is not only reflected in the construction process itself, but also in every production stage of building materials and parts.

Wood is a kind of renewable resources. Wooden doors and windows have best performance on energy-saving among other green building products. “Industrialization of construction” is another key strategy advocated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC in order to achieve energy conservation in building industry. This strategy aims at reforming the construction industry from tertiary industry to engineering manufacturing. Wood is the perfect raw material for industrialization and fabricating as pre-engineering building materials. Under this circumstance, an unprecedented bright future for the wooden door and window industries is expected.

As a global leader in this industry, Weinig has noticed this trend for long and has been continuously promoting it. Weinig backed by sufficient technological equipment and talents to serve the Chinese customers and market better.

Unisunx:Quality stabilization and automation are the elements directing our future development.
- Interview with Mr. Eric Liu, General Manager of Unisunx

Qingdao Yongqiang Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth No.:8A30

1. How is Unisunx more advantageous among the panel furniture making equipment in the market? What is the company’s direction for future development?

Quality is always the key to success in the equipment manufacturing industry. Stability of equipment has utmost importance to the furniture making industry. Unisunx focuses on manufacturing and development of panel furniture equipment. The company upholds the principle of “Quality comes first”.  

In light of product features and automation, Unisunx is one of the leading companies in China’s woodworking machinery industry. The company produces automated edge banding machine with the highest speed of its kind in China. Unisunx also concerns about different settings of production lines and provides diversified solutions on product connectivity for clients.

In order to provide more user-friendly woodworking equipment and production solutions to clients, Unisunx has partnered with IT company to develop upgraded software for the production chain. Improvement on quality stabilization, digitalization and automation are the three key elements directing the company’s future development. 

2. How do you interpret the recent trend of furniture customization?

With improving living standard and the rise of high-spending youth customers whom are more demanding on furniture and interior design, customized furniture therefore becomes more popular nowadays.

The trend has also put forward new requirements and challenges to upstream woodworking machinery players. Customization requires high production flexibility, optimized implementation between hardware and software thus became indispensible. All in all, only stability and high precision in equipment could satisfy the needs in achieving furniture customization.

3. The Chinese Government is taking steps to achieve the strategy of “Made-In-China 2025”in which “smart and green production” is the key element. How does Unisunx cope with clients’ demand resulted from this new trend in furniture making industry?

Smart and green production are the key elements in manufacturing sector as the Chinese Government is taking steps to achieve the “Made-in-China 2025” plan. Unisunx not only maintains good quality of its best-selling products, but also develops several new items to meet the latest market demand.

Conventional panel saws are fit for SMEs to produce customized furniture. The company has developed a new series of fully automated panel saws which can keep up with the latest requirement on smart production. For example, the newly launched sawing machine SMV8-X has simple design, with faster orientation speed and applicable to various product dimensions.

A new generation of Heavy-duty Automatic Panel Saw series is also released. With upgraded software, the newly invented saw can deliver more efficient panel cutting. It not only saves raw materials but also labor cost, which is ideal for smart production.

4. Why Unisunx selected Beijing Woodwork Fair as the trade platform for showcasing your products? What are your expectations to the show?

The reason is simple. Beijing Woodwork Fair is professional and representative in the industry. Since the first edition, Unisunx has been a loyal participant. We expect Beijing Woodwork Fair to keep growing and become a more comprehensive trade platform to bridge the communication between woodworking machinery makers and furniture industry. We hope to meet and interact with more professional visitors and delegations on-site.

5. What kind of new exhibits and technologies from Unisunx will be showcased in Beijing Woodwork Fair 2016?

In Beijing Woodwork Fair 2016, Unisunx will bring in a number of newly designed and developed equipment, including High-speed Heavy-duty Automatic Panel Saw series, High-speed Edge Banding Machine series, CNC Machining Center, and the new generation of Sliding Table Saw series. We wish WMF 2016 a great success!

Linze:To upgrade the efficiency in paint usage and reduce VOC emission are our goal
- Interview with Mr. Lide Zhao, President of Linze

Qingdao Linze Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: 1A35

1. According to the newly amended Environmental Protection Law of the PRC in early 2015, there is a tightening supervision and punishment on enterprises with high emissions. Moreover, the implementation of two financial taxation policies, Consumption Taxes on Coatings and VOC Sewage Charges launched in February and October respectively, has led to a rising business cost for the furnishing industry. It resulted in an urgent quest for reforming coating production lines in order to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as VOC emissions for furnishing industry. How does Linze meet such customer need?

With the implementation of the new PRC Environmental Protection Law in 2015, production cost is increasing. The furnishing industry has new technological demand towards woodworking machinery. Therefore, Linze has allocated more resources on research and development of intelligent & green production technology. To cope with the latest trend of replacing oil-based paint with water-based paint in production of customized furniture, Linze has also upgraded its machinery to achieve effective use of paint and reduction of VOC emission.

2. Compare to other sander brands in the industry, what are the advantages of Linze?

Linze has been working in woodworking machinery field for over 20 years. We have accumulated experiences and sophisticated understanding on wood processing industry, as well as market trend and demand. Constant upgrade and improvement on products are the advantages of Linze.

3. What are the future development directions of Linze?

Linze is devoted to the continuous development and production of paint coating equipment. Our products are adaptable to the new trends of smart production, synchronization, environmental protection and energy reduction. Our corporate mission is to create value for our customers. We have strong belief in delivering quality products to customers.

4. How was Linze benefited from last edition of WMF? What are Linze’s expectations towards the WMF2016?

WMF has provided Linze an important platform to showcase and promote its products and brand. Linze has continuously participated in WMF for more than 20 years. We have effectively established business exchange and collaboration with our upstream and downstream partners through each exhibiting opportunity at WMF. Incorporating the concept of Internet Plus in the upcoming edition, we hope WMF 2016 to be evolved into a bigger trade platform for business exchange, interaction and co-operation.