Exhibitor & Buyer Testimonials

Exhibitor Testimonials

"We thank Adsale for providing us with excellent services and creating a favorable exhibiting environment. Through this Fair, we have presented our customers advanced technology and achieved better publicity.”

Yao Xiang, Sales General Manager (Beijing) of Homag China Golden Field Ltd.

"WMF offers an information, technology and equipment exchange platform for the woodworking machinery and furniture industry, making a significant contribution to the revitalization and development of the machinery industry.”

Jiang Xiaorong, Managing Director of Goldmax Co., Ltd.

“It is the 4th time for our company to exhibit at WMF. We are very satisfied with the results. At WMF 2014, we have successfully launched 5 products with international competitiveness and established a good brand image for further development in China.”

Sun Wei, Sales Director of Harvey Industries

“We have exhibited at WMF for a few consecutive editions and this year we have achieved the most!  We have received many orders on-site and will continue to support WMF.”

Zang Shiyun, Managing Director of Teco Machinery,

“It is our first time to join WMF, the visitors are of high quality and the result is way beyond our expectation.”

Wang Yanni, representative of Eura Drives Electric Co., Ltd.

“WMF targets at the right audience and has a professional visitor base. We plan to join the next edition.”

Chen Tao, Sales Manager of Azumi Machinery (Beijing)
Buyer Testimonials

“The rise in labour cost and customization needs has made enterprises aware of the disadvantages of traditional production methods and they has started to seek solution for it. Automation is a must; the future production would either be machine-oriented or an effective combination of labour and machinery.  ‘Automation & CNC Machinery Zone’ at WMF is an ideal platform to learn the latest technology and we are delighted with the new discoveries.”

Mr. Yang, Deputy Secretary-General of Hebei Door Industry Association

“This is our first time to visit WMF and it is a fruitful show to us. We have placed orders summed up to around RMB600,000 on sanders, polishing machines, etc.”

Li Qiming, Director of Wuhan Yixin Hong'ou

“This is our first visit to WMF and we found it highly professional. We located many wooden doors manufacturing machinery and placed orders with Shanghai Yuetong onsite.”

Representative of Porta Krono (Serbia)

“This is our first visit to WMF and we came here with 5 others companies from Iran. Most of us are woodworking machinery traders or agents, and we have already signed agreements with several exhibitors. We used to visit exhibitions in Europe and did not know that there is such a well-established exhibition in well-established and professional in China. We will definitely visit WMF again in 2016.”

Mr. Amir Zand (Iran)