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While the manufacturing world is embracing “Industry 4.0” , the implementation of “Made in China 2025” strategy and new environmental laws in China has given rise to a new round of furniture industry upgrade. With an aim to assist woodworking and furniture enterprises to capture the enormous business opportunities brought by industry transformation, WMF 2016 continues to orchestrate a wide range of concurrent events to bring sustainable automation and smart production solutions under the spotlight .

Date Time Topic
2016.6.1 13:30-16:00 Children’s Furniture Forum Register
(Only available in Chinese)
Coincides with the Children's Day on June 1, the seminar will gather industry experts in children's furniture manufacturing. Furniture Standards for VOC emissions and safety will be covered to address the industry as a whole.

(This forum will be conduct in Chinese only.)
2016.6.1 14:00-17:00 *“German Industry 4.0” & “Made in China 2025” Conference Register
While Industry 4.0 has become an important trend for China’s manufacturing industry in the next 30 years, China has promulgated the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan focusing on intelligent production. The seminar will be a macro perspective on global trends in woodworking industry, and analysis of how China cements her place among the world’s leading manufacturing players.

  • Global Industry Towards Smart Manufacturing – “i4.0 Smart Factory”
    Mr. Raymond Shan
    Principal Consultant, Smart Manufacturing &  Materials Division,
    Hong Kong Productivity Council


  • Manufacturing Model of Chinese Furniture Industry in Industry 4.0
    Prof. Wu Zhihui
    College of Furniture and Industrial Design,Nanjing Forestry University


  • Case sharing by renowned international machinery manufacturer

(This forum will be conduct in Chinese and English)
*Simultaneous interpretation services will be provided
2016.6.2 09:30-12:30 Technical Talk on Energy Saving Panel Board Production Technology Register
(Only available in Chinese)
Industry technical experts will gather to discuss the current development of panel board and uncover the latest panel wood manufacturing equipment and technology under the new green era.

(This forum will be conduct in Chinese only.)
2016.6.2 14:00-17:00 *Green Furniture Sustainable Development Conference Register
Customization, Internet Plus and Green production have become key development trends of the furniture industry. How to apply latest woodworking technology and innovative design to attain the goal of sustainable development is an important issue faced by the industry chain. International designers and intelligent equipment experts will shed lights on this hot topic.

  • Green furniture labeling: problems, research and suggestions
    Prof. Yinping Zhang
    Professor, Tsinghua University


  • Design driven Innovation in contemporary Furniture B2B markets
    Mr. Flaviano Celaschi
    Full Professor of Industrial Design, Dean of Design School, Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna (Italy)

  • Timeless Design as Environmental Key
    Mr. Christian Melz
    Founder and Creative Director of MELZ DESIGN LIMITED


(This forum will be conduct in Chinese and English)
*Simultaneous interpretation services will be provided


2016.6.2 14:00-17:00

The 3rd WMF-CRIWI Forum – The New Face of Panel Board

(Only available in Chinese)
Panel board production and equipment manufacturing experts from China will introduce the latest panel development across the globe. Major topics include: 1) Particleboard production equipment and new technologies, 2) Design concepts & practices of abrasive grinding machines, and 3) The expansion of green panel production and new raw materials sources.

(This forum will be conduct in Chinese only.)
2016.6.3 13:00-17:00

Chinese Water-based Paint Production Forum

(Only available in Chinese)

In China, the strict environmental law has imposed tightened supervision and punishment on high-emission factories. The furniture enterprises also bear higher business costs because of the new "Paint Consumption Tax" and "VOC Sewage Charges". It is crucial for furniture industry to choose the right coating production process and reduce VOC emissions. Chinese furniture market leaders will share their “Oil to Water” successful experiences.

(This forum will be conduct in Chinese only.)

1-4.6.2016 Other Activities and Showcase DIY Wood Workshop Co-organizer

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The workshop will display latest DIY woodworking equipment and hand tools and provide on-site training sessions to woodworking enthusiasts, which is an ideal platform for skill & experience exchange.
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 (The workshop is open for on-site registration only)
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